Cayenne 4.2.1 Released
Jun 20, 2024

This is a maintenance release of Cayenne 4.2. This version brings support for JDK 21 and 22, and a few bug fixes. It can be downloaded from here.

Changes/New Features:

  • CAY-2849 Switch documentation to hugo-asciidoctorj-extension
  • CAY-2852 Update velocity-engine-core dependency
  • CAY-2856 Upgrade Gradle to 8.8
  • CAY-2857 Java 22 support

Bug Fixes:

  • CAY-2806 Incorrect processing of unicode escape syntax in JSON
  • CAY-2809 Cayenne Expression grammar doesn’t allow custom function as an argument for string functions
  • CAY-2810 Can’t use custom operator expression with aggregate functions
  • CAY-2813 Regression: Constants.CI_PROPERTY flag is no longer working for MySQL
  • CAY-2815 Incorrect translation of aliased expression
  • CAY-2838 Vertical Inheritance: Problem setting db attribute to null via flattened path
  • CAY-2840 Vertical Inheritance: Missing subclass attributes with joint prefetch
  • CAY-2841 Multi column ColumnSelect with SHARED_CACHE fails after 1st select
  • CAY-2844 Joint prefetch doesn’t use ObjEntity qualifier
  • CAY-2848 Vertical Inheritance: Updating one-to-many with inverse nullifies other columns
  • CAY-2850 Query using Clob comparison with empty String fails
  • CAY-2851 Replace Existing OneToOne From New Object
  • CAY-2853 Incorrect deletion of entities from flattened attributes