How can I help?

Every volunteer project gets its strength from its participants. We invite everybody to participate in Cayenne. If you are willing to help, this can be done in many different ways, by:

  • contributing code
  • contributing documentation
  • helping others on the mailing list
  • using Cayenne and reporting issues or missing features
  • suggesting your own ideas on the mailing list and contributing code implementing them

If you want to contribute to Cayenne, first you should subscribe to the developer mailing list to see what issues are discussed and to communicate with the project team.

Next, clone the git source and make your changes. You can submit a patch in standard diff format and attach it to our Jira task tracker, or more easily you can use github to fork the project and submit a Pull Request.

Don’t forget to also raise your issue on the Cayenne mailing list or make a ticket in Jira, since we may not notice your pull request.