Success Stories

AccessPoint Inc. (

A story submitted by Bret Gregory: “I work for AccessPoint Inc., a privately-held CLEC offering integrated communications services to small- and medium-sized businesses. We use Cayenne for our internal accounting and reconciliation application. This application allows us to recognize uncaptured revenue streams as well as accounting margins and billing errors. In addition, Cayenne is used in our internal reporting application. These applications and thus Cayenne are central to the financial health of the company.”

GLIN is a legal repository for the Law Library of Congress. It has been around for 30 years, and in digital form since the early 90s. However, it was only partially publicly available before February 2005 when a Cayenne-based system was launched. The system has roughly 200,000 records, spanning 200 gb of fulltext data and 15 gb of associated metadata. It represents the world’s largest publicly available legal index, spanning 10 languages and 35 jurisdictions. The system is accessible in 4 languages currently and will support 14 languages in the nearest future, thus becoming the most internationalized site in the federal government, after the IRS.

ish onCourse (

A story submitted by Aristedes Maniatis, ish owner: “Written for the education sector, ish onCourse is a student and enrolment tracking system with a strong marketing focus. It uses Cayenne’s client/server three tier setup, has a cross platform Swing GUI, an embedded Derby database and Jetty for servlets. Cayenne has allowed us to create a clear user interface with real time data validation, replication to a web site and the use of caching and paging in Cayenne for the application to work well across slow WAN links.”

National Hockey League (

NHL was one of the first large-scale Cayenne deployments. After the initial trial of Cayenne in 2002, NHL switched all their web applications to Cayenne. and individual hockey team sites are receiving tens of millions of hits a day, and are relying on Cayenne for all database access. The applications are often upgraded with the bleeding edge builds from Cayenne trunk to take advantage of the latest framework features.


ObjectVisualizer is a business intelligence tool that builds upon Object Persistence technology to provide easy to use query, reporting, and charting capabilities. Features include: Query and filter data using objects, Interactive Data Table, Report Generation, Chart Creation, and Plugin Architecture. ObjectVisualizer has a Cayenne plugin to work with Cayenne mapping projects.

Pixxures Inc. (

Pixxures Inc. is the world’s largest provider of digital mapping products, services, and online delivery capabilities. Pixxures used Cayenne to create a private website for a client that sells satellite images for crop analysis to the agriculture industry. The site contains ordering and image production system. Now Pixxures plans to revamp their main software to use Cayenne instead of the connection pooling system and the other data access methods.


Two leading local search sites for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are using Cayenne to store and retrieve indexed data for blog search engine: and There are plans to switch to Cayenne similar sites for Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia.

Provesta Wonen (

Provesta Wonen is a semi-government housing company. It rents houses to people who need them. Cayenne is a part of the engine for using and reusing the image base. The backend reads reports from an ERP-like system and based on that information can appoint the images to certain addresses and complexes (collection of addresses).

RossoAlice (

RossoAlice is an Italian media portal. This is a site where users can download music, watch films, download games, watch television news and more. The Java database layer for the authentication / authorization component is developed with Cayenne.

Unilever (, Ascensys (

Ascensys developed a new media management system for Unilever Germany using Cayenne. The software supports internal planning processes, provides the real-time information about new products and supplies. This is an important system for internal operations and integartion of external service providers.