Cayenne 4.2 Final Released
May 25, 2023

Apache Cayenne team is really glad to announce a final (general availability) release of Cayenne 4.2. A brief overview of changes since 4.1 includes:

  • Runtime

    • Callback annotations on entity classes
    • Customizable SQL generator API
    • Nested queries
    • Ordering on aggregate functions
    • Property API made type-specific
    • Custom functions and operators in queries
    • New attributes types: JSON, geospatial
  • Modeler

    • Acquire JDBC drivers from Maven Central
    • Improvements to attribute and relationships mapping
    • Lots of bug fixes in DB Import, etc.
  • Deprecations (to be removed in 5.0)

    • ROP-related modules
    • cayenne-web
    • Clustering transports (cayenne-xmpp, etc.)

Full release notes can be read here.

Cayenne Framework and Modeler can be downloaded here.

Updates since the last release candidate (4.2.RC2)

Changes/New Features

Bug Fixes

  • CAY-2552 ColumnQuery with flattened attributes bug
  • CAY-2783 DbEntity to ObjEntity synchronization should check mandatory flag for primitive java types
  • CAY-2789 MalformedJsonException thrown when reading manually edited JSON data in Postgres
  • CAY-2790 EOModel import: NPE importing EOFetchSpecification
  • CAY-2792 Fix Insertion Order For Reflexive DataObjects
  • CAY-2794 Fix Incorrect JavaType for Vertical-Inheritance Attributes
  • CAY-2796 Cayenne custom json formatter produces invalid json
  • CAY-2800 Modeler saves map.xml files with schema ordering error
  • CAY-2801 Incorrect equals() implementation in IdGenerationMarker could cause data missing in the commit