Cayenne 4.2 Beta 1 Released
Dec 06, 2021

Apache Cayenne team is glad to announce the first beta release of Cayenne 4.2. The API is frozen now, and it is safe to try it out. From now on the 4.2 branch will concentrate on bug fixes.

Cayenne can be downloaded from here.

Changes/New Features:

  • CAY-2399 Convert string values to Enum in qualifiers
  • CAY-2637 Allow forcing a custom Connection for a transaction
  • CAY-2718 Use testcontainers for the integration tests

Bug Fixes:

  • CAY-2092 Exception for query that uses pagination and sorting on to-many
  • CAY-2694 Precision issues with reverse / forward engineering of time types on MySQL
  • CAY-2699 Modeler: dbimport schema view not working on SQLite
  • CAY-2702 Modeler: Callbacks table has too small default width
  • CAY-2703 Modeler: incorrect active tab style on the MacOS version
  • CAY-2704 Vertical inheritance with Embeddedables looses ObjAttribute information
  • CAY-2705 Performance of callback annotation processing
  • CAY-2706 Modeler: object attribute dialog doesn’t properly initialized for the embeddable type
  • CAY-2707 Modeler: code generation is broken in the DataDomain tab
  • CAY-2708 Gradle build plugin fails on Java 16
  • CAY-2709 Modeler: Cgen fails to generate code for a new unsaved project with all settings set to default
  • CAY-2710 Modeler: modeler throws IllegalArgumentsException when root and rel paths have different root
  • CAY-2712 Shouldn’t run batch inserts with generated keys if there is reflexive dependency
  • CAY-2713 ConcurrentModificationException when Inserting
  • CAY-2714 Offset value is not copied to column select metadata
  • CAY-2716 Wrong operator for the bitwise NOT
  • CAY-2720 ConcurrentModificationException in the TypeAwareSQLTreeProcessor
  • CAY-2721 Platform builds of CayenneModeler don’t work with Java 17
  • CAY-2723 Phantom update of a to-dependent-pk relationship