Cayenne 4.1.1 Released
Dec 24, 2021

This is a maintenance release adds support for JDK 17 in Modeler and a few bug fixes. It can be downloaded from here.

Changes/New Features:

Bug Fixes:

  • CAY-2670 CommitLog does not include FKs for deleted objects with one-way relationships
  • CAY-2676 Degradation: Custom class generation templates are not working anymore
  • CAY-2677 Modeler: Custom Class Generation Templates for Embeddables and DataMaps
  • CAY-2678 Inheritance warnings caused by unnecessary MappingCache creations during initialization
  • CAY-2679 Unstable ordering of relationships in the .map.xml file
  • CAY-2681 Modeler: All selected checkboxes cause project to become dirty at initialization
  • CAY-2690 dbimport skips length changes for BINARY and VARBINARY columns
  • CAY-2691 MySQL driver 8.0.x stores LocalDateTime differently than 5.1.x
  • CAY-2697 Read-only cgen template creates mutator methods for to-many relationships
  • CAY-2698 EventSubject.getSubject() is not thread safe
  • CAY-2702 Modeler: Callbacks table has too small default width
  • CAY-2721 Platform builds of CayenneModeler don’t work with Java 17
  • CAY-2724 Duplicating relationship after editing its name