Cayenne 4.2 Milestone 2 Released
Oct 12, 2020

Apache Cayenne team is glad to announce next milestone release of Cayenne 4.2.

This is a development release that contains some minor fixes and new features.

Cayenne can be downloaded from here.

Changes/New Features:

  • CAY-2338 Support comments in cgen and default templates
  • CAY-2656 Modeler: option to download required jars directly from maven central
  • CAY-2657 SelectQueryDescriptor should use ObjectSelect
  • CAY-2659 Use new SQLBuilder utility to generate SQL for batch queries
  • CAY-2662 Use custom interface for SQL tree processor instead of a Function<Node, Node>
  • CAY-2663 Support for custom SQL operators
  • CAY-2664 Add methods to EntityProperty to allow direct usage of primary key values
  • CAY-2665 Support for widespread SQL types that falls into Jdbc type OTHER
  • CAY-2668 Experimental graph-based db operations sorter
  • CAY-2670 CommitLog does not include FKs for deleted objects with one-way relationships
  • CAY-2673 Support ordering by aggregate functions
  • CAY-2674 Support in-memory evaluation of aggregate functions

Bug Fixes:

  • CAY-2591 Modeler: project becomes dirty after click on dbImport or cgen tab
  • CAY-2671 QualifierTranslator fails to translate expressions with compound PKs/FKs
  • CAY-2675 A one-to-one relationship with meaningful PK can be nullified in the nested context
  • CAY-2676 Degradation: Custom class generation templates are not working anymore
  • CAY-2679 Unstable ordering of relationships in the .map.xml file
  • CAY-2681 Modeler: All selected checkboxes cause project to become dirty at initialization
  • CAY-2682 Vertical Inheritance: DB-generated PK doesn’t propagate from the root to children