Cayenne 4.1 Final Released
Jul 21, 2020

Apache Cayenne team is really glad to announce a final (general availability) release of Cayenne 4.1.

Here is a recap of changes made since 4.0:

  • New field-based data objects (see CAY-2330), that are much faster to read and write, while significantly reducing the app memory footprint.

  • Dependency-free Cayenne core. No more velocity or commons-collections compile dependencies. Only “slf4j-api” is required in the base config.

  • New extensible project XML structure. This allows to store cgen and reverse engineering configs along with the project.

  • New reverse engineering UI in Cayenne Modeler, that is much more intuitive and customizable, more over configuration is now saved so you can evolve it with your model and perform reverse engineering in one click.

  • User controlled transaction propagation logic and isolation level.
    TransactionManager manager = runtime.getInjector().getInstance(TransactionManager.class);
    TransactionDescriptor descriptor = new TransactionDescriptor(
            Connection.TRANSACTION_SERIALIZABLE, // set transaction isolation to SERIALIZABLE 
            TransactionPropagation.REQUIRES_NEW  // require new transaction for every operation
    manager.performInTransaction(() -> {
        // perform some DB operations...
        return null;
    }, descriptor);
  • And numerous minor fixes and improvements.

Cayenne can be downloaded from here.

Here is bug fixes since the last release candidate:

  • CAY-2642 EhCache memory leak due to misconfiguration
  • CAY-2643 ObjectSelect.prefetch(name, semantics) method creates a phantom node
  • CAY-2646 Wrong target path selection logic in cgen config
  • CAY-2647 Modeler: project upgrade from 4.0.B2 to 4.1.RC2 failure
  • CAY-2653 No methods for queries with qualifier parameters generated
  • CAY-2654 Exception in dbimport when relationships should be imported, but no explicit configuration exists