Cayenne 4.2 Milestone 1 Released
Apr 20, 2020

Apache Cayenne team is glad to announce the first milestone release of Cayenne 4.2.

This is a development release that introduces numerous fixes and new features. While the biggest features are internal, securing future Cayenne development, there are some nice ones in the user API.

  • Property API is greatly revised. It is type aware now and allows safer usage of SQL functions.

  • Cayenne 4.2 brings support for subqueries.

    ColumnSelect<Long> subQuery = ObjectSelect
            .columnQuery(Artist.class, Artist.ARTIST_ID_PK_PROPERTY)
    List<Artist> artists = ObjectSelect.query(Artist.class)
  • SQL alias supported at the top-level API:


Cayenne can be downloaded from here.

Changes/New Features:

  • CAY-2465 New SelectTranslator implementation
  • CAY-2466 New internal API to build SQL
  • CAY-2467 New type-aware Property API
  • CAY-2468 Support subqueries in Expression API
  • CAY-2507 Property API to use path aliases
  • CAY-2508 Create api to add aliases in expressions
  • CAY-2510 Create builder to load custom modules into plugins and modeler
  • CAY-2511 Contribute custom properties for attributes
  • CAY-2512 Support for custom functions in Expression API and Property API
  • CAY-2514 Set SERVER_CONTEXTS_SYNC_PROPERTY default value to false
  • CAY-2517 EventManager: optimization of adding listeners
  • CAY-2518 Add method to append having qualifier expression to ObjectSelect
  • CAY-2520 Split ObjectId into several specialized variants
  • CAY-2522 Make ObjectSelect a direct query
  • CAY-2523 Deprecate SelectQuery
  • CAY-2525 Deprecate OpenBase adapter
  • CAY-2527 API to map Object[] result to POJO
  • CAY-2539 Import procedures with the help of MergerToken
  • CAY-2540 Modeler: redesign dbRelationship editor dialog
  • CAY-2542 Modeler: redesign ObjRelationship editor dialog
  • CAY-2543 Move ResultSetMapping generation from metadata to translator
  • CAY-2549 Modeler: Redesign ObjAttribute editor dialog
  • CAY-2551 Create extended type for abstract Number class
  • CAY-2555 Use explicit ArcId in GraphChangeHandler methods
  • CAY-2557 Add java.time.Duration and java.time.Period to supported types
  • CAY-2562 Make ROPServerModule autoloaded
  • CAY-2563 Deprecate old scalarQuery methods in SQLSelect
  • CAY-2568 Class Generation: Superclass Package setting persistence
  • CAY-2569 Custom ‘Naming Strategy’ in Cayenne Modeler
  • CAY-2570 Use MySQL adapter for latest versions of MariaDB
  • CAY-2571 DataDomainFlushAction redesign
  • CAY-2579 Review and possibly relax usage of readonly flag of ObjRelationship
  • CAY-2585 Rename scalarQuery and params methods in SQLSelect
  • CAY-2590 Add method to set query timeout to queries
  • CAY-2592 Modeler: make all datamaps selected in global cgen tab
  • CAY-2593 Add tableTypes field to dbImport config in dataMap
  • CAY-2602 Remove RTRIM of char columns in Sybase
  • CAY-2604 Specialization of property API for PK
  • CAY-2610 Align methods in ObjectSelect and SQLSelect
  • CAY-2611 Exclude system catalogs and schemas when run dbImport without config
  • CAY-2612 Modeler: add lazy-loading to dbImport tab
  • CAY-2645 Modeler: DbImport tree highlight improvement
  • CAY-2650 Support using generated primary keys along with batch inserts
  • CAY-2651 Support multiple IDs in the SelectById query

Bug Fixes:

  • CAY-2019 Optimistic locking always fails on CRYPTO columns
  • CAY-2332 Property API: unable to use eq() and in() methods for toMany relationships
  • CAY-2417 Modeler: wrong title in attribute context menu
  • CAY-2506 Java class generated for Embeddable object is not serializable
  • CAY-2509 Result of resolving lazily faulted relationships can be out-of-date
  • CAY-2530 Modeler: DB Import and Class Generation from Project is performed for removed datamaps
  • CAY-2531 Modeler: Importing same schema after Import Revert clears all entities in datamap
  • CAY-2533 Modeler: Exception on validating ObjRelationship without db path
  • CAY-2535 Modeler: Impossible to import stored procedure apart from db tables
  • CAY-2537 Modeler: Schema Generation Complete popup window is hidden
  • CAY-2538 Modeler: dbImport configuration unclear behavior
  • CAY-2541 Performing query with expression with ObjectId throws NPE in some cases
  • CAY-2544 Possible name clash of ivar and property name in generated class
  • CAY-2547 CayenneDataObject serialization issue
  • CAY-2553 Wrong disjoint prefetch query qualifier
  • CAY-2559 Modeler: Warning dialog shows wrong information after changing target entity in dbRelationship
  • CAY-2561 Modeler: cgen type combobox doesn’t set templates
  • CAY-2572 Queries are not sorted by name in data map XML
  • CAY-2573 DI field injection is triggered when creating sql Driver
  • CAY-2575 Select translator: Wrong translation of IN Expression
  • CAY-2576 Ant cgen task is broken
  • CAY-2577 Between property with extended type failure
  • CAY-2578 Wrong bindings in select of related entity by compound FK
  • CAY-2580 Cgen: Can’t use custom templates for client mode
  • CAY-2582 Double insert of manyToMany relationship mapped to Set
  • CAY-2584 Crypto: can’t use ColumnSelect with encrypted columns
  • CAY-2588 IdRowReader: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • CAY-2591 Modeler: project becomes dirty after click on dbImport or cgen tab
  • CAY-2594 DbImport: AutoAdapter resolving inside an import operation hangs up the op on Hana DB
  • CAY-2595 ObjAttributes are not sorted in alphabetical ordering on save
  • CAY-2596 DbImport xml config changes after dbImport plugin task execution
  • CAY-2600 Modeler DbImport: Can’t retrieve schema for databases with no catalog support
  • CAY-2601 Modeler DbImport: result dialog issues
  • CAY-2603 NPE reloading project in the model
  • CAY-2605 Modeler: Unable to save - java.nio.file.InvalidPathException
  • CAY-2606 Can’t resolve obj path with embeddable component
  • CAY-2608 CayenneModeler: NPE when reverse engineering with an auto-adapter DataSource
  • CAY-2609 Modeler: can’t close dbImport result dialog window
  • CAY-2616 Modeler: Wrong handling of path with spaces
  • CAY-2618 Unstable property ordering in generated classes
  • CAY-2619 “to-dep PK” related dbimport delta confuses the Modeler
  • CAY-2624 SelectQuery “having” qualifier is not considered when calculating cache key
  • CAY-2627 Modeler: ObjRelationship creation dialog ignores delete rule
  • CAY-2628 dbimport: unable to add several relationships to existing entity
  • CAY-2631 Can no longer use “byte[]” as root of scalar SQLSelect
  • CAY-2632 Modeler: issue saving cgen path for maven project
  • CAY-2633 Modeler: attribute sorting logic in cgen can corrupt model
  • CAY-2634 Minor inconsistencies in Modeler “DB Import”
  • CAY-2635 Lambda expressions break ROP serialization
  • CAY-2646 Wrong target path selection logic in cgen config
  • CAY-2647 Modeler: project upgrade from 4.0.B2 to 4.1.RC2 failure
  • CAY-2648 Whitespace symbols in JDBC Driver and DB URL lines lead to incorrect driver loading
  • CAY-2653 No methods for queries with qualifier parameters generated
  • CAY-2654 Exception in dbimport when relationships should be imported, but no explicit configuration exists
  • CAY-2655 AutoAdapter missing supportsGeneratedKeysForBatchInserts() method