Cayenne 4.1 Milestone 1 Released
Oct 14, 2017

Apache Cayenne team is glad to announce the first milestone release of Cayenne 4.1. This is a development release that introduces a number of nice new major features:

  • New field-based data objects (see CAY-2330), that are much faster to read and write, while significantly reducing the app memory footprint.
  • Dependency-free Cayenne core. No more velocity or commons-collections compile dependencies. Only “slf4j-api” is required in the base config.
  • New extensible project XML structure. In M1 we are using this to store comments for entities, attributes and relationships. Future milestones will add storing configuration for cdbimport and cgen.

Cayenne can be downloaded from here.

Changes/New Features:

  • CAY-2152 Redesign project file upgrade system
  • CAY-2329 Update project dependencies
  • CAY-2330 Field based data objects
  • CAY-2335 New XML loading/saving mechanics with support of plugable handlers
  • CAY-2336 Support for comments in Modeler
  • CAY-2339 Compatibility module to support old versions of projects at runtime
  • CAY-2344 Modeler: Save ER-Graph and class diagram
  • CAY-2345 Own template renderer as a replacement for Velocity
  • CAY-2346 Field-based data object with Map-based storage fallback
  • CAY-2351 Remove commons-collections usage completely

Bug Fixes:

  • CAY-2312 Modeler: Undo does not work for checkboxes
  • CAY-2318 Modeler: Query. Exception after Undo clicking
  • CAY-2319 Modeler: Embeddable > Attributes. Undo does not cancel pasted objects
  • CAY-2321 cdbimport: Reverse relationship is not created after adding and rev engineeering new db table
  • CAY-2323 Modeler: Graph. No warning while saving the image with existing name
  • CAY-2331 cgen: broken templates for data map
  • CAY-2347 cdbimport: can’t get all relationships on the first pass
  • CAY-2349 Cache issue: ‘SelectQuery’ with prefetches loses relationships
  • CAY-2350 Expression: NotIn with empty collection returns empty result
  • CAY-2353 Broken paginated column select with only one entity in the result
  • CAY-2354 DbGenerator.runGenerator must commit its connection
  • CAY-2356 EJBQL: Incorrect COUNT() on outer joined table
  • CAY-2357 Generic select queries silently convert result to nulls if no PK column found
  • CAY-2358 NPE when callbacks invoked on null objects
  • CAY-2359 EJBQL: db path in not supported in ORDER BY
  • CAY-2361 PostgreSQL DbGenerator issues
  • CAY-2362 ColumnSelect: unable to use Property without type
  • CAY-2363 ColumnSelect: unable to use from nested context
  • CAY-2364 Wrong logging in SQLTemplate
  • CAY-2365 SQLExec query tries to convert (unexpected) result set into objects
  • CAY-2366 Incorrect EJBQL COUNT translation
  • CAY-2367 ClassCastException reading object with an attribute of type ‘char’
  • CAY-2368 ColumnSelect: Property.self() translates into wrong SQL code