Cayenne 4.0 Beta 2 Released
Oct 06, 2017

Apache Cayenne team is glad to announce a beta 2 release of Cayenne 4.0. While API is frozen it includes only bug fixes and documentation updates.

Cayenne can be downloaded from here.

  • CAY-2319 Modeler: Embeddable > Attributes. Undo does not cancel pasted objects
  • CAY-2321 cdbimport: Reverse relationship is not created after adding and rev engineeering new db table
  • CAY-2323 Modeler: Graph. No warning while saving the image with existing name
  • CAY-2331 cgen: broken templates for data map
  • CAY-2347 cdbimport: can’t get all relationships on the first pass
  • CAY-2349 Cache issue: ‘SelectQuery’ with prefetches loses relationships
  • CAY-2350 Expression: NotIn with empty collection returns empty result
  • CAY-2353 Broken paginated column select with only one entity in the result
  • CAY-2354 DbGenerator.runGenerator must commit its connection
  • CAY-2356 EJBQL: Incorrect COUNT() on outer joined table
  • CAY-2357 Generic select queries silently convert result to nulls if no PK column found
  • CAY-2358 NPE when callbacks invoked on null objects
  • CAY-2359 EJBQL: db path in not supported in ORDER BY
  • CAY-2362 ColumnSelect: unable to use Property without type
  • CAY-2363 ColumnSelect: unable to use from nested context
  • CAY-2366 Incorrect EJBQL COUNT translation