How development happens

There are several levels of access to the Cayenne project and source:

  1. Anyone on the internet can clone or fork the code from Git (and of course send back pull requests).
  2. Committers have write access to Git.
  3. Project Management Committee (PMC) members have further responsibility for the project as a whole and for ensuring that releases meet all the appropriate standards.
  4. PMC Chair. This person has a has a special responsibility to the Apache board, but otherwise is an equal member of the PMC. For further details consult the official Apache handbook.

In addition to the general Apache responsibilities, this is what is expected of everyone with privileges within the Cayenne project.


Contribution to the project can take many forms. Updating documentation and helping users on the mailing lists are just as important as writing code. Everyone here is a volunteer, so quantity of effort is not the most important factor. Help when you can, but let the rest of the community know if you will be out of action for an extended period.

Mailing lists

Cayenne takes special pride in the support we give to users of the software. That means being helpful to end users where you have the time and the answers. Just as importantly, users look to the committers and PMC members to set the tone of the mailing lists; keeping them friendly and pleasant places to be for all users regardless of their English language skills or technical experience. When things might go off the rails, a gentle nudge back in the right direction is all that is needed.


Each release should be voted on by the committers and PMC members. Even though committer votes cannot count officially by Apache rules, they will be given serious consideration by the PMC members. Further voting details are in the release pages of this site.