Cayenne 4.0 Final Released
Aug 16, 2018

Apache Cayenne team is really glad to announce a long awaited final (general availability) release of Cayenne 4.0. It is a really important milestone for the entire Cayenne community. Here are some facts about this long journey:

  • Development started: May 29, 2012 (back then it was called Cayenne 3.2)
  • Intermediate development releases: 8
  • Changes and new features: 218
  • Issues fixed: 179
  • Commits made: 2421
  • Authors: 29

Many people have already been using various milestones, betas and RCs of 4.0, so the GA release is a simple and straightforward upgrade for them. For those who were waiting for the official “final” version before upgrading, this day is now. Among those ~ 400 tasks there are a lot of cool features making everyday life of a Java developer easier:

  • fluent query API, simple parameter bindings, aggregating and scalar queries;
  • better runtime assembly and extension mechanism;
  • fresh CayenneModeler;
  • working “Database-First” ORM flow;
  • JCache integration;
  • database cryptography extensions;
  • Gradle ORM workflow plugins and much more

In the coming weeks expect blog posts that explain what this all means. Follow us on Twitter @ApacheCayenne to not miss the announcements, and feel free to start a conversation on the user@ mailing list.

Thanks to everyone who made 4.0 possible!

Cayenne can be downloaded from here.

Here is bug fixes since the release candidate:

  • CAY-2418 Modeler: unable to edit entity selected via Search
  • CAY-2427 Modeler: Undo throws exception
  • CAY-2430 Modeler: Redo throws NPE
  • CAY-2431 Cayenne JDK 11 compatibility
  • CAY-2435 cdbimport: procedure parameters are not imported
  • CAY-2436 NPE in CayenneRuntimeException constructor
  • CAY-2442 Broken EventBridge providers implementations
  • CAY-2444 Change URI from http:// to https:// in xsi:schemaLocation
  • CAY-2445 Oracle: Problem with ExpressionFactory.notInExp()