Cayenne 4.0 release candidate is out
Apr 25, 2018

Apache Cayenne team is glad to announce a release candidate of Cayenne 4.0.

It brings new icons to Cayenne Modeler plus some minor bug fixes.

Cayenne can be downloaded from here.

Changes/New Features:

Bug Fixes:

  • CAY-2253 Cayenne JDK9 compatibility
  • CAY-2361 PostgreSQL DbGenerator issues
  • CAY-2364 Wrong logging in SQLTemplate
  • CAY-2365 SQLExec query tries to convert (unexpected) result set into objects
  • CAY-2367 ClassCastException reading object with an attribute of type ‘char’
  • CAY-2368 ColumnSelect: Property.self() translates into wrong SQL code
  • CAY-2370 ValueObjectType for byte[] fails lookup
  • CAY-2382 Lack of synchronization in DataContext serialization
  • CAY-2387 Can’t select byte[] property with ColumnSelect
  • CAY-2388 Modeler: Visualization issues with undo/redo actions for attributes and relationships
  • CAY-2389 DbEntity qualifier with DbPath expression translates into wrong SQL
  • CAY-2392 Modeler: Unable to remove DataNode
  • CAY-2401 Modeler: NPE in ObjEntity sync action
  • CAY-2405 Broken prefetch of entity with inheritance and attribute with custom java type
  • CAY-2411 Wrong resolution of ExtendedType with ValueObjectType for inherited class
  • CAY-2420 Modeler: search is not performed for Stored Procedures
  • CAY-2429 Generate classes: Invalid template type: EMBEDDABLE_SINGLE_CLASS