Cayenne 4.0 Milestone 5 Released
Mar 06, 2017

Apache Cayenne team is glad to announce the latest milestone of Cayenne - 4.0.M5. The new release features a number of important things:

  • New fluent API for SQL functions (including long-awaited aggregate functions).
  • Auto-loading of additional Cayenne modules.
  • New JCache module that allows to easily include any compatible cache provider.
  • Further improvements and stabilization of database reverse-engineering tools.
  • Fixes bugs, updates docs, etc.

Cayenne can be downloaded from here. Make sure to consult UPGRADE.txt file before updating.

Before we start discussing individual features, a few words on the future development effort. Cayenne 4.0 is quickly approaching “beta” status. There’s a good chance that the following release will be feature-complete and we will enter “beta” and associated code freeze of the runtime framework.

Now the new things in a bit more detail:

Fluent query API

These great additions to Fluent API are new in M5:


List<String> names = ObjectSelect.query(Artist.class)

Aggregate Functions

// easy way to select count
long count = ObjectSelect.query(Artist.class).selectCount(context);


Property<Double> minPrice =;

// Object[0] is a name (String)
// Object[1] is a price (Double)
// GROUP BY clause is generated automatically based on the query semantics
List<Object[]> nameAndMinPrice = ObjectSelect.query(Artist.class)
                    .columns(Artist.ARTIST_NAME, minPrice)

SQL Functions

Property<Integer> nameLength = Artist.ARTIST_NAME.length();
List<Artist> artists = ObjectSelect.query(Artist.class,

Reverse Engineering Improvements

We pushed DB reverse engineering functionality further. This time in addition to clearing bugs and perform smoother importing we changed cdbimport plugin configuration to make it clearer and ready for future improvements we have in mind.

The plugin itself has changed it’s name to “cayenne-maven-plugin”, so now you can use short commands like the following:

mvn cayenne:cdbimport

Important note: please refer to UPGRADE.txt for detailed changes in cdbimport configuration.

  • CAY-2139 Upgrade HSQLDB dependency to the most recent version (2.3.4)
  • CAY-2150 Refactoring: ParameterBinding to contain ExtendedType property
  • CAY-2163 Property.path() , ExpressionFactory.pathExp()
  • CAY-2164 Relocate builder bootstrap methods from ServerRuntimeBuilder to ServerRuntime
  • CAY-2165 Explicit “contribution” API for easier expansion of DI collections and maps
  • CAY-2166 Auto-loading of Cayenne modules
  • CAY-2168 Split DbLoader to parts and clean it up
  • CAY-2169 Split DbMerger to parts and clean it up
  • CAY-2170 MergeToken sorting is highly unstable
  • CAY-2172 Cleanup Modeler import and migrate db actions
  • CAY-2176 Java 7 diamond class generation templates
  • CAY-2177 Sync auto generated state of PK between model and DB
  • CAY-2187 Support for the scalar and aggregate SQL functions in ObjectSelect API
  • CAY-2197 Update sqlite version and enable in-memory default config
  • CAY-2212 cdbimport cleanup and configuration schema refactoring
  • CAY-2223 JCacheQueryCache - a query cache provider to plug in JCache implementers
  • CAY-2225 Extensible CacheInvalidationFilter logic
  • CAY-2228 Deprecate multiple cache groups in caching and query API
  • CAY-2231 Support for collections in new functional expressions and old math expressions
  • CAY-2232 Proper conversion to String for new functional expressions
  • CAY-2235 Deprecate Query.getDataMap() method

Bug Fixes:

  • CAY-2032 SelectAction: DistinctResultIterator ignores flattened relationships
  • CAY-2137 When generating SQL from EJBQL, use “AND” to separate multiple join conditions
  • CAY-2174 Change FK attribute name cause ObjAttribute appear after Reverse Engineering
  • CAY-2175 AliasName used in EJBQLQuery is not working if it contains mixed case
  • CAY-2183 Newly created DbRelationship is unexpectedly renamed by the Modeler
  • CAY-2199 Modeler on Windows: The same project is displayed twice in “Recent Projects”
  • CAY-2207 Modeler: “Java Type” and “DbAttribute Path” are not saved with using TAB to move forward
  • CAY-2221 In-memory expression evaluation gives different result than select query
  • CAY-2236 Modeler Migrate DB Schema: unable to Reverse All Operations
  • CAY-2238 Modeler: Preserve manually set DbRelationship name when syncing with ObjEntity
  • CAY-2242 Vertical Inheritance: Cannot Insert Record For Implementing Class with Attribute And Relationship