Class DbGenerator

  • public class DbGenerator
    extends Object
    Utility class that generates database schema based on Cayenne mapping. It is a logical counterpart of DbLoader class.
    • Field Detail

      • dbEntitiesInInsertOrder

        protected List<DbEntity> dbEntitiesInInsertOrder
        Contains all DbEntities ordered considering their interdependencies. DerivedDbEntities are filtered out of this list.
      • dbEntitiesRequiringAutoPK

        protected List<DbEntity> dbEntitiesRequiringAutoPK
      • shouldDropTables

        protected boolean shouldDropTables
      • shouldCreateTables

        protected boolean shouldCreateTables
      • shouldDropPKSupport

        protected boolean shouldDropPKSupport
      • shouldCreatePKSupport

        protected boolean shouldCreatePKSupport
      • shouldCreateFKConstraints

        protected boolean shouldCreateFKConstraints
    • Constructor Detail

      • DbGenerator

        public DbGenerator​(DbAdapter adapter,
                           DataMap map,
                           Collection<DbEntity> excludedEntities,
                           DataDomain domain,
                           JdbcEventLogger logger)
        Creates and initializes new DbGenerator instance.
        adapter - DbAdapter corresponding to the database
        map - DataMap whose entities will be used in schema generation
        excludedEntities - entities that should be ignored during schema generation
        domain - optional DataDomain used to detect cross-database relationships.
    • Method Detail

      • resetToDefaults

        protected void resetToDefaults()
      • buildStatements

        protected void buildStatements()
        Creates and stores internally a set of statements for database schema creation, ignoring configured schema creation preferences. Statements are NOT executed in this method.
      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty​(boolean respectConfiguredSettings)
        Returns true if there is nothing to be done by this generator. If respectConfiguredSettings is true , checks are done applying currently configured settings, otherwise check is done, assuming that all possible generated objects.
      • getAdapter

        public DbAdapter getAdapter()
        Returns DbAdapter associated with this DbGenerator.
      • configuredStatements

        public List<String> configuredStatements()
        Returns a list of all schema statements that should be executed with the current configuration.
      • runGenerator

        public void runGenerator​(DataSourceInfo dsi)
                          throws Exception
        Creates a temporary DataSource out of DataSourceInfo and invokes public void runGenerator(DataSource ds).
      • runGenerator

        public void runGenerator​(DataSource ds)
                          throws Exception
        Executes a set of commands to drop/create database objects. This is the main worker method of DbGenerator. Command set is built based on pre-configured generator settings.
      • safeExecute

        protected boolean safeExecute​(Connection connection,
                                      String sql)
                               throws SQLException
        Builds and executes a SQL statement, catching and storing SQL exceptions resulting from invalid SQL. Only non-recoverable exceptions are rethrown.
      • createConstraintsQueries

        public List<String> createConstraintsQueries​(DbEntity table)
        Creates FK and UNIQUE constraint statements for a given table.
      • getFailures

        public ValidationResult getFailures()
        Returns an object representing a collection of failures that occurred on the last "runGenerator" invocation, or null if there were no failures. Failures usually indicate problems with generated DDL (such as "create...", "drop...", etc.) and usually happen due to the DataMap being out of sync with the database.
      • shouldCreatePKSupport

        public boolean shouldCreatePKSupport()
        Returns whether DbGenerator is configured to create primary key support for DataMap entities.
      • shouldCreateTables

        public boolean shouldCreateTables()
        Returns whether DbGenerator is configured to create tables for DataMap entities.
      • shouldDropPKSupport

        public boolean shouldDropPKSupport()
      • shouldDropTables

        public boolean shouldDropTables()
      • shouldCreateFKConstraints

        public boolean shouldCreateFKConstraints()
      • setShouldCreatePKSupport

        public void setShouldCreatePKSupport​(boolean shouldCreatePKSupport)
      • setShouldCreateTables

        public void setShouldCreateTables​(boolean shouldCreateTables)
      • setShouldDropPKSupport

        public void setShouldDropPKSupport​(boolean shouldDropPKSupport)
      • setShouldDropTables

        public void setShouldDropTables​(boolean shouldDropTables)
      • setShouldCreateFKConstraints

        public void setShouldCreateFKConstraints​(boolean shouldCreateFKConstraints)
      • getDomain

        public DataDomain getDomain()
        Returns a DataDomain used by the DbGenerator to detect cross-database relationships. By default DataDomain is null.