Interface JdbcEventLogger

    • Method Detail

      • log

        void log​(String message)
        Logs an arbitrary message.
      • logSelectCount

        void logSelectCount​(int count,
                            long time)
      • logSelectCount

        void logSelectCount​(int count,
                            long time,
                            String sql)
        count - of selected rows
        time - (milliseconds) time query took to run
        sql - SQL that was executed, printed when time exceeds timeThreshold
      • logUpdateCount

        void logUpdateCount​(int count)
      • logBeginTransaction

        void logBeginTransaction​(String transactionLabel)
      • logCommitTransaction

        void logCommitTransaction​(String transactionLabel)
      • logRollbackTransaction

        void logRollbackTransaction​(String transactionLabel)
      • logQueryError

        void logQueryError​(Throwable th)
      • isLoggable

        boolean isLoggable()
        Returns true if current thread default log level is high enough to generate output.