Class ToStringBuilder

  • public class ToStringBuilder
    extends Object
    A utility class to simplify implementation of Object toString methods. This implementation is a trimmed version of commons-lang ToStringBuilder.
    • Field Detail

      • object

        protected Object object
      • fieldCount

        protected int fieldCount
    • Constructor Detail

      • ToStringBuilder

        public ToStringBuilder​(Object object)
    • Method Detail

      • appendDetail

        protected void appendDetail​(Object value)
      • appendArray

        protected void appendArray​(short[] array)
      • appendArray

        protected void appendArray​(int[] array)
      • appendArray

        protected void appendArray​(float[] array)
      • appendArray

        protected void appendArray​(long[] array)
      • appendArray

        protected void appendArray​(byte[] array)
      • appendArray

        protected void appendArray​(double[] array)
      • appendArray

        protected void appendArray​(char[] array)
      • appendArray

        protected void appendArray​(boolean[] array)
      • appendArray

        protected void appendArray​(Object[] array)
      • appendClassName

        protected void appendClassName()
      • appendIdentityHashCode

        protected void appendIdentityHashCode()
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns a String built by the earlier invocations.
        toString in class Object