Class RelationshipFault<E>

    • Field Detail

      • relationshipOwner

        protected Persistent relationshipOwner
      • relationshipName

        protected String relationshipName
    • Constructor Detail

      • RelationshipFault

        protected RelationshipFault()
      • RelationshipFault

        public RelationshipFault​(Persistent relationshipOwner,
                                 String relationshipName)
    • Method Detail

      • getRelationshipName

        public String getRelationshipName()
      • getRelationshipOwner

        public Persistent getRelationshipOwner()
      • isTransientParent

        protected boolean isTransientParent()
      • isUncommittedParent

        protected boolean isUncommittedParent()
      • mergeLocalChanges

        protected abstract void mergeLocalChanges​(List<E> resolved)
      • resolveFromDB

        protected List<E> resolveFromDB()
        Executes a query that returns related objects. Subclasses would invoke this method whenever they need to resolve a fault.
      • updateReverse

        protected void updateReverse​(List<E> resolved)