Class EmbeddedAttribute

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    • Constructor Detail

      • EmbeddedAttribute

        public EmbeddedAttribute()
      • EmbeddedAttribute

        public EmbeddedAttribute​(String name)
      • EmbeddedAttribute

        public EmbeddedAttribute​(EmbeddedAttribute other)
        Copying constructor
        other - attribute to copy
    • Method Detail

      • getAttributeOverrides

        public Map<String,​String> getAttributeOverrides()
      • getEmbeddable

        public Embeddable getEmbeddable()
      • getAttributeForDbPath

        public ObjAttribute getAttributeForDbPath​(String dbPath)
        Returns an ObjAttribute that maps to a given DbAttribute, or returns null if no such attribute exists.
      • getAttribute

        public ObjAttribute getAttribute​(String name)
        Returns an ObjAttribute for a given name, taking into account column name overrides.
      • getAttributes

        public Collection<ObjAttribute> getAttributes()
        Returns a Collection of ObjAttributes of an embedded object taking into account column name overrides.
      • addAttributeOverride

        public void addAttributeOverride​(String name,
                                         String dbAttributeName)
      • removeAttributeOverride

        public void removeAttributeOverride​(String name)
      • getJavaClass

        public Class<?> getJavaClass()
        Returns Java class of an object property described by this attribute. Wraps any thrown exceptions into CayenneRuntimeException.
        getJavaClass in class ObjAttribute