Class PropertyDataSourceFactory

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    public class PropertyDataSourceFactory
    extends Object
    implements DataSourceFactory
    A DataSourceFactrory that creates a DataSource based on system properties. Properties can be set per domain/node name or globally, applying to all nodes without explicit property set. The following properties are supported:
    • cayenne.jdbc.driver[.domain_name.node_name]
    • cayenne.jdbc.url[.domain_name.node_name]
    • cayenne.jdbc.username[.domain_name.node_name]
    • cayenne.jdbc.password[.domain_name.node_name]
    • cayenne.jdbc.min.connections[.domain_name.node_name]
    • cayenne.jdbc.max.conections[.domain_name.node_name]
    At least url and driver properties must be specified for this factory to return a valid DataSource.