Class Node

    • Field Detail

      • parent

        protected Node parent
      • children

        protected Node[] children
      • childrenCount

        protected int childrenCount
    • Constructor Detail

      • Node

        public Node()
    • Method Detail

      • addChild

        public Node addChild​(int index,
                             Node node)
      • addChild

        public Node addChild​(Node node)
      • getChild

        public Node getChild​(int idx)
      • getChildrenCount

        public int getChildrenCount()
      • replaceChild

        public void replaceChild​(int idx,
                                 Node node)
      • getParent

        public Node getParent()
      • setParent

        public void setParent​(Node parent)
      • deepCopy

        public <T extends Node> T deepCopy()
        deep copy(i.e. with copies of all children) of this node
      • copy

        public abstract Node copy()
      • appendChildrenSeparator

        public void appendChildrenSeparator​(QuotingAppendable buffer,
                                            int childInd)
      • appendChildrenStart

        public void appendChildrenStart​(QuotingAppendable buffer)