CMS Guide

Cayenne CMS source code (content + styling + scriptos) can be obtained from SVN:

Any Cayenne committer can change it and commit. On commit, it is automatically getting published in the CMS staging environment:


To publish staged content go here, login with your Apache ID, and click on "publish cayenne site".

Synchronizing Docs

Assuming Cayenne checkout is under "~work/cayenne" and CMS sources checkout - under "~/work/cms/cms":

    (switch to the desired branch/tag and do a normal 'mvn clean install')

    rsync -av --delete ~/work/cayenne/docs/docbook/cayenne-guide/target/site/index/ \
    rsync -av --delete ~/work/cayenne/docs/docbook/getting-started/target/site/index/ \
    rsync -av --delete ~/work/cayenne/docs/docbook/getting-started-rop/target/site/index/ \
    rsync -av --delete ~/work/cayenne/docs/docbook/upgrade-guide/target/site/index/ \
    rsync -av --delete ~/work/cayenne/docs/doc/target/site/apidocs/doc/api/ \