CMS Guide

Cayenne CMS source code (content + styling + scriptos) can be obtained from SVN:

Any Cayenne committer can change it and commit. On commit, it is automatically getting published in the CMS staging environment.


To publish staged content go here, login with your Apache ID, and click on "publish cayenne site".

Synchronizing Docs

Assuming Cayenne checkout is under "~work/cayenne" and CMS sources checkout - under "~/work/cms/cms":

    (switch to the desired branch/tag and do a normal 'mvn clean install')

    rsync -av --delete ~/work/cayenne/docs/docbook/cayenne-guide/target/site/index/ \
    rsync -av --delete ~/work/cayenne/docs/docbook/getting-started/target/site/index/ \
    rsync -av --delete ~/work/cayenne/docs/docbook/getting-started-rop/target/site/index/ \
    rsync -av --delete ~/work/cayenne/docs/docbook/upgrade-guide/target/site/index/ \
    rsync -av --delete ~/work/cayenne/docs/doc/target/site/apidocs/doc/api/ \