Committers and Project Management Committee

Name Role Email Website
Andrus Adamchik PMC, Chair aadamchik at apache dot org (business)
Cris Daniluk Committer cdaniluk at apache dot org
Bill Dudney PMC bdudney at apache dot org
Malcolm Edgar Committer medgar at apache dot org
Michael Gentry PMC mgentry at apache dot org
Tore Halset Committer torehalset at apache dot org
John Huss PMC johnthuss at apache dot org
Dzmitry Kazimirchyk Committer dkazimirchyk at apache dot org
Xenia Khailenka Committer kseniak at apache dot org
Mike Kienenberger PMC mkienenb at apache dot org
Kevin Menard PMC kmenard at apache dot org
Aristedes Maniatis PMC amaniatis at apache dot org
Andrey Razumovsky Committer andrey at apache dot org
Andriy Shapochka Committer ashapochka at apache dot org
Olga Tkachova (Ольга Ткачева) Committer oltka at apache dot org
Robert Zeigler Committer robertdzeigler at apache dot org
Evgeny Ryabitskiy Committer evgeny at apache dot org
Andrew Lindesay Committer apl at apache dot org

Emeritus Committers

Committers who are no longer active in the community. We wish them well and hope to see them return.

Name Email Website
Holger Hoffstaette holger at wizards dot de
Craig Miskell
Michael Shengaout mshenga at pobox dot org
Eric Schneider eric at centralparksoftware dot com

Other Contributors

These is a possibly incomplete list of people who helped in many different ways, including graphic design, testing, providing bug fix patches, etc. We really appreciate your help (if you think this page is missing a name that should be mentioned, please send a note to the dev list):

Name Email Website
Arndt Brenschede Arndt dot Brenschede at diamos dot com
Anna Drapeza anna at ipm dot by
Scott Finnery scott at codefuey dot com
Nataliya Kholodna nkholodna at mail dot ru
Dirk Olmes dirk dot olmes at gmx dot de
Anton Apolit anton at logical dash process dot com
Fabricio Voznika
David Cooper
Garry Watkins
Bruce Martin