Cayenne 4.2 Milestone 3 Released
Mar 19, 2021

Apache Cayenne team is glad to announce next milestone release of Cayenne 4.2.

This is a development release that contains some minor fixes and new features.

Cayenne can be downloaded from here.

A full list of changes in this release:

Changes/New Features:

  • CAY-2587 SQLServer Limit Offset translation
  • CAY-2677 Custom Class Generation Templates for Embeddables and DataMaps
  • CAY-2689 ServerRuntime API: missing some variants of the performInTransaction() method
  • CAY-2692 Add entity lifecycle callbacks via annotated methods

Bug Fixes:

  • CAY-2658 DataChannelMetaData is null during cgen execution
  • CAY-2661 NPE on DB Import screen
  • CAY-2678 Inheritance warnings caused by unnecessary MappingCache creations during initialization
  • CAY-2683 Don’t use DISTINCT for joins on to-one related tables
  • CAY-2685 JsonType should use the actual JDBC type, not OTHER
  • CAY-2686 SQL translator incorrectly quotes fully qualified tables’ names
  • CAY-2687 Modeler Migrate Repeatedly Asks to Set Column Type for MySQL
  • CAY-2690 dbimport skips length changes for BINARY and VARBINARY columns
  • CAY-2691 MySQL driver 8.0.x stores LocalDateTime differently than 5.1.x
  • CAY-2693 Abstract subentities do not have rows materialized correctly
  • CAY-2694 Precision issues with reverse / forward engineering of time types on MySQL
  • CAY-2695 Reverse engineering on SQLite fails due to feature not being supported
  • CAY-2698 EventSubject.getSubject() is not thread safe