Class LocalConnection

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    public class LocalConnection
    extends BaseConnection
    A ClientConnection that connects to a DataChannel. Used as an emulator of a remote service. Emulation includes serialization/deserialization of objects.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LocalConnection

        public LocalConnection​(DataChannel handler)
        Creates LocalConnector with specified handler and no serialization.
      • LocalConnection

        public LocalConnection​(DataChannel handler,
                               int serializationPolicy)
        Creates a LocalConnector with specified handler and serialization policy. Valid policies are defined as final static int field in this class.
    • Method Detail

      • isSerializingMessages

        public boolean isSerializingMessages()
      • getChannel

        public DataChannel getChannel()
        Returns wrapped DataChannel.
      • getServerEventBridge

        public EventBridge getServerEventBridge()
        Returns null.
        An EventBridge or null if server events are not supported.
      • beforeSendMessage

        protected void beforeSendMessage​(org.apache.cayenne.remote.ClientMessage message)
        Does nothing.
        Specified by:
        beforeSendMessage in class BaseConnection