Class AbstractQuery

    • Field Detail

      • root

        protected Object root
        The root object this query. May be an entity name, Java class, ObjEntity or DbEntity, depending on the specific query and how it was constructed.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractQuery

        public AbstractQuery()
    • Method Detail

      • getRoot

        public Object getRoot()
        Returns the root of this query.
      • setRoot

        public void setRoot​(Object value)
        Sets the root of the query
        value - The new root
        IllegalArgumentException - if value is not a String, ObjEntity, DbEntity, Procedure, DataMap, Class or null.
      • createSQLAction

        public abstract SQLAction createSQLAction​(SQLActionVisitor visitor)
        Description copied from interface: Query
        A callback method invoked by Cayenne during the final execution phase of the query run. A concrete query implementation is given a chance to decide how it should be handled. Implementors can pick an appropriate method of the SQLActionVisitor to handle itself, create a custom SQLAction of its own, or substitute itself with another query that should be used for SQLAction construction.
      • route

        public void route​(QueryRouter router,
                          EntityResolver resolver,
                          Query substitutedQuery)
        Implements default routing mechanism relying on the EntityResolver to find DataMap based on the query root. This mechanism should be sufficient for most queries that "know" their root.