Interface GraphManager

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    GraphMap, NoSyncObjectStore, ObjectStore

    public interface GraphManager
    extends GraphChangeHandler
    Represents a generic "managed" graph with nodes mapped by their ids. Inherited GraphChangeHandler methods are intended as callbacks for graph node objects to notify graph of their changes.
    • Method Detail

      • getNode

        Object getNode​(Object nodeId)
        Returns a graph node given an id.
      • registerNode

        void registerNode​(Object nodeId,
                          Object nodeObject)
        "Registers" a graph node, usually storing the node in some internal map using its id as a key.
      • unregisterNode

        Object unregisterNode​(Object nodeId)
        "Unregisters" a graph node, forgetting any information associated with nodeId.
      • registeredNodes

        Collection<Object> registeredNodes()
        Returns all graph nodes registered with GraphManager.