Class PatternMatchNode

    • Field Detail

      • pattern

        protected transient Pattern pattern
      • patternCompiled

        protected transient boolean patternCompiled
      • ignoringCase

        protected boolean ignoringCase
      • escapeChar

        protected char escapeChar
    • Method Detail

      • getEscapeChar

        public char getEscapeChar()

        This method will return an escape character for the like clause. The escape character will eventually end up in the query as ...( LIKE ? {escape '|'}) where the pipe symbol is the escape character.

        Note that having no escape character is represented as the character 0.

      • setEscapeChar

        public void setEscapeChar​(char value)

        This method allows the setting of the escape character. The escape character can be used in a LIKE clause. The character 0 signifies no escape character. The escape character '?' is disallowed.

      • isIgnoringCase

        public boolean isIgnoringCase()
      • matchPattern

        protected boolean matchPattern​(String string)
      • getPattern

        protected Pattern getPattern()
      • jjtAddChild

        public void jjtAddChild​(Node n,
                                int i)
        Description copied from interface: Node
        This method tells the node to add its argument to the node's list of children.
        Specified by:
        jjtAddChild in interface Node
        jjtAddChild in class SimpleNode