Class ASTBitwiseXor

    • Constructor Detail

      • ASTBitwiseXor

        public ASTBitwiseXor()
      • ASTBitwiseXor

        public ASTBitwiseXor​(Object[] nodes)
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public int getType()
        Description copied from class: Expression
        Returns a type of expression. Most common types are defined as public static fields of this interface.
        getType in class Expression
      • getEJBQLExpressionOperator

        protected String getEJBQLExpressionOperator​(int index)
        Description copied from class: SimpleNode
        Returns operator for EJBQL statements, which can differ for Cayenne expression operator
        getEJBQLExpressionOperator in class SimpleNode
      • jjtClose

        public void jjtClose()
        Description copied from interface: Node
        Called after all the child nodes have been added.
        Specified by:
        jjtClose in interface Node
        jjtClose in class SimpleNode