Interface EJBQLCompiledExpression

  • public interface EJBQLCompiledExpression
    Represents an EJB QL expression "compiled" in the context of a certain mapping.
    • Method Detail

      • getExpression

        EJBQLExpression getExpression()
        Returns a tree representation of an EJBQL expression.
      • getRootDescriptor

        ClassDescriptor getRootDescriptor()
        Returns a descriptor of the root of this expression such as entity being fetched or updated.
      • getEntityDescriptor

        ClassDescriptor getEntityDescriptor​(String identifier)
        Returns a ClassDescriptor for the id variable.
      • getIncomingRelationships

        List<DbRelationship> getIncomingRelationships​(String identifier)
        Returns a collection of relationships that joins identifier with a parent entity. Returns null if the identifier corresponds to one of the query roots.
      • getSource

        String getSource()
        Returns EJB QL source of the compiled expression if available.
      • getResult

        SQLResult getResult()
        Returns a mapping of the result set columns, or null if this is not a select expression.
      • getPrefetchTree

        PrefetchTreeNode getPrefetchTree()
        Returns prefetched columns tree for fetch joins.