Interface Injector

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    public interface Injector
    A facade to the Cayenne DI container. To create an injector use DIBootstrap static methods.
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      • injectMembers

        void injectMembers​(Object object)
        Performs field injection on a given object, ignoring constructor injection. Since Cayenne DI injector returns fully injected objects, this method is rarely used directly.

        Note that using this method inside a custom DI Provider will most likely result in double injection, as custom provider is wrapped in a field-injecting provider by the DI container. Instead custom providers must initialize object properties manually, obtaining dependencies from Injector.

      • shutdown

        void shutdown()
        A lifecycle method that let's the injector's services to clean up their state and release resources. This method would normally generate a scope end event for the injector's one and only singleton scope.