Class RootDataMapHandler

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      • RootDataMapHandler

        public RootDataMapHandler​(LoaderContext loaderContext)
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      • createChildTagHandler

        protected ContentHandler createChildTagHandler​(String namespaceURI,
                                                       String localName,
                                                       String qName,
                                                       Attributes attributes)
        Description copied from class: SAXNestedTagHandler
        This method should be used to create nested handlers to process children elements. This method should never return null.
        createChildTagHandler in class NamespaceAwareNestedTagHandler
        namespaceURI - namespace for tag
        localName - tag local name (i.e. w/o namespace prefix)
        qName - tag full name (i.e. with namespace prefix)
        attributes - tag attributes
        new handler to process child tag