Class EJBQLJoinAppender


public class EJBQLJoinAppender extends Object
Handles appending joins to the content buffer at a marked position.
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    • registerReusableJoin

      public String registerReusableJoin(String sourceIdPath, String relationship, String targetId)
      Registers a "reusable" join, returning a preexisting ID if the join is already registered. Reusable joins are the implicit inner joins that are added as a result of processing of path expressions in SELECT or WHERE clauses. Note that if an implicit INNER join overlaps with an explicit INNER join, both joins are added to the query.
    • appendInnerJoin

      public void appendInnerJoin(String marker, org.apache.cayenne.access.translator.ejbql.EJBQLTableId lhsId, org.apache.cayenne.access.translator.ejbql.EJBQLTableId rhsId)
    • appendOuterJoin

      public void appendOuterJoin(String marker, org.apache.cayenne.access.translator.ejbql.EJBQLTableId lhsId, org.apache.cayenne.access.translator.ejbql.EJBQLTableId rhsId)
    • appendJoin

      protected void appendJoin(String marker, org.apache.cayenne.access.translator.ejbql.EJBQLTableId lhsId, org.apache.cayenne.access.translator.ejbql.EJBQLTableId rhsId, String semantics)
    • appendTable

      public String appendTable(org.apache.cayenne.access.translator.ejbql.EJBQLTableId id)