Interface BatchTranslator

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultBatchTranslator, DeleteBatchTranslator, DeleteBatchTranslator, InsertBatchTranslator, InsertBatchTranslator, SoftDeleteBatchTranslator, SoftDeleteBatchTranslator, UpdateBatchTranslator, UpdateBatchTranslator

public interface BatchTranslator
Superclass of batch query translators.
  • Method Details

    • getSql

      String getSql()
      Returns SQL String that can be used to init a PreparedStatement.
    • getBindings

      DbAttributeBinding[] getBindings()
      Returns the widest possible array of bindings for this query.
    • updateBindings

      DbAttributeBinding[] updateBindings(BatchQueryRow row)
      Updates internal bindings to be used with a given row, returning updated bindings array. This method guarantees that the returned array contains the same bindings in the same order as in the array returned from getBindings() (but in a state corresponding to the 'row' parameter). Usually the returned array is actually the same object reused for every iteration, only with changed object state.