Interface OperationObserver

    • Method Detail

      • nextCount

        void nextCount​(Query query,
                       int resultCount)
        Callback method invoked after an updating query is executed.
      • nextBatchCount

        void nextBatchCount​(Query query,
                            int[] resultCount)
        Callback method invoked after a batch update is executed.
      • nextRows

        void nextRows​(Query query,
                      List<?> dataRows)
        Callback method invoked for each processed ResultSet.
      • nextRows

        void nextRows​(Query q,
                      ResultIterator<?> it)
        Callback method invoked for each opened ResultIterator. If this observer requested results to be returned as a ResultIterator, this method is invoked instead of nextRows(Query, List).
      • nextGeneratedRows

        void nextGeneratedRows​(Query query,
                               ResultIterator<?> keys,
                               List<ObjectId> idsToUpdate)
        Callback method invoked after each batch of generated values is read during an update.
      • nextQueryException

        void nextQueryException​(Query query,
                                Exception ex)
        Callback method invoked on exceptions that happen during an execution of a specific query.
      • nextGlobalException

        void nextGlobalException​(Exception ex)
        Callback method invoked on exceptions that are not tied to a specific query execution, such as JDBC connection exceptions, etc.