Interface SQLActionVisitor

All Known Implementing Classes:
DB2ActionBuilder, IngresActionBuilder, JdbcActionBuilder, SQLServerActionBuilder

public interface SQLActionVisitor
A factory interface to create standard SQLActions for a set of standard queries. Instances of SQLActionVisitor are passed by Cayenne to a Query in Query.createSQLAction(SQLActionVisitor), allowing query to choose the action type and convert itself to a "standard" query if needed. Individual DbAdapters would provide special visitors, thus allowing for DB-dependent execution algorithms.
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  • Method Details

    • batchAction

      SQLAction batchAction​(BatchQuery query)
      Creates an action to execute a batch update query.
    • objectSelectAction

      <T> SQLAction objectSelectAction​(SelectQuery<T> query)
      Creates an action to execute a SelectQuery.
    • sqlAction

      SQLAction sqlAction​(SQLTemplate query)
      Creates an action to execute a SQLTemplate.
    • procedureAction

      SQLAction procedureAction​(ProcedureQuery query)
      Creates an action to execute a ProcedureQuery.
    • ejbqlAction

      SQLAction ejbqlAction​(EJBQLQuery query)
      Creates an action to execute EJBQL query.