Interface PathComponent<T extends Attribute,​U extends Relationship>

public interface PathComponent<T extends Attribute,​U extends Relationship>
A component in a path chain.
  • Method Details

    • getAttribute

      T getAttribute()
    • getRelationship

      U getRelationship()
    • getName

      String getName()
    • getJoinType

      JoinType getJoinType()
      Returns a joint type of this path component in the expression. Attributes always return undefined type, while relationships may be outer or inner joins.
    • isLast

      boolean isLast()
    • isAlias

      boolean isAlias()
      Returns true if this component is an alias for a different path. Only the first path component can be an alias. Aliased path can be obtained by calling getAliasedPath().
    • getAliasedPath

      Iterable<PathComponent<T,​U>> getAliasedPath()
      Returns an aliased path or null if this component is not an alias.