Class HSQLQualifierTranslator

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      • HSQLQualifierTranslator

        public HSQLQualifierTranslator​(QueryAssembler queryAssembler)
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      • appendLikeEscapeCharacter

        protected void appendLikeEscapeCharacter​(PatternMatchNode patternMatchNode)
                                          throws IOException
        Description copied from class: QueryAssemblerHelper

        Outputs the standard JDBC (database agnostic) expression for supplying the escape character to the database server when supplying a LIKE clause. This has been factored-out because some database adaptors handle LIKE differently and they need access to this common method in order not to repeat this code.

        If there is no escape character defined then this method will not output anything. An escape character of 0 will mean no escape character.

        appendLikeEscapeCharacter in class QueryAssemblerHelper