Class OrderingTranslator


public class OrderingTranslator
extends QueryAssemblerHelper
Translates query ordering to SQL.
  • Field Details

    • orderByColumnList

      protected List<String> orderByColumnList
  • Constructor Details

    • OrderingTranslator

      public OrderingTranslator​(QueryAssembler queryAssembler)
  • Method Details

    • doAppendPart

      protected void doAppendPart()
      Translates query Ordering list to SQL ORDER BY clause. Ordering list is obtained from queryAssembler's query object. In a process of building of ORDER BY clause, queryAssembler is notified when a join needs to be added.
      Specified by:
      doAppendPart in class QueryAssemblerHelper
    • appendFunction

      protected void appendFunction​(Expression exp)
    • getOrderByColumnList

      public List<String> getOrderByColumnList()
      Returns the column expressions (not Expressions) used in the order by clause. E.g., in the case of an case-insensitive order by, an element of the list would be UPPER(<column reference>)