Class EJBQLTranslationContext


public class EJBQLTranslationContext
extends Object
A context used for translating of EJBQL to SQL.
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    • getQuery

      public SQLTemplate getQuery()
    • getMetadata

      public QueryMetadata getMetadata()
    • getEntityDescriptor

      public ClassDescriptor getEntityDescriptor​(String id)
      Looks up entity descriptor for an identifier that can be a compiled expression id or one of the aliases.
    • pushMarker

      public void pushMarker​(String marker, boolean reset)
      Switches the current buffer to a marked buffer, pushing the currently used buffer on the stack. Note that this can be done even before the marker is inserted in the main buffer. If "reset" is true, any previous contents of the marker are cleared.
    • append

      public EJBQLTranslationContext append​(String chunk)
      Appends a piece of SQL to the internal buffer.
    • append

      public EJBQLTranslationContext append​(char chunk)
      Appends a piece of SQL to the internal buffer.
    • getTableAlias

      protected String getTableAlias​(String idPath, String tableName)
      Retrieves a SQL alias for the combination of EJBQL id variable and a table name. If such alias hasn't been used, it is created on the fly.
    • isAppendingResultColumns

      public boolean isAppendingResultColumns()
    • isUsingAliases

      public boolean isUsingAliases()
    • setUsingAliases

      public void setUsingAliases​(boolean useAliases)
    • isCaseInsensitive

      public boolean isCaseInsensitive()
    • setCaseInsensitive

      public void setCaseInsensitive​(boolean caseInsensitive)
    • getQuotingStrategy

      public QuotingStrategy getQuotingStrategy()
    • onSubselect

      public void onSubselect()
    • makeDistinctMarker

      public String makeDistinctMarker()