Interface LifecycleListener

public interface LifecycleListener
A callback interface to listen to persistent object lifecycle events. Note that listeners ARE NOT REQUIRED to implement this interface, and in fact most won't. It exists for type safety and for simplifying listener registration. See LifecycleCallbackRegistry for details on how to register callbacks.
  • Method Details

    • postAdd

      void postAdd​(Object entity)
    • prePersist

      void prePersist​(Object entity)
    • postPersist

      void postPersist​(Object entity)
    • preRemove

      void preRemove​(Object entity)
    • postRemove

      void postRemove​(Object entity)
    • preUpdate

      void preUpdate​(Object entity)
    • postUpdate

      void postUpdate​(Object entity)
    • postLoad

      void postLoad​(Object entity)