The goal of this section of the tutorial is to install (or check that you already have installed) a minimally needed set of software to build a Cayenne application.

Install Java

Obviously, JDK has to be installed. Cayenne 3.0 requires JDK 1.5 or newer.

Install Eclipse IDE and the Maven Plugin

Download Eclipse from here. This tutorial is based on the Galileo package (Eclipse 3.5), JEE edition, still it should work with any recent vanilla Eclipse distribution.

After downloading Eclipse, unpack it somewhere in the filesystem, and start it. The only plugin that you need for the tutorial is m2eclipse. To install it, in Eclipse go to "Help > Install New Software", then click on "Add.." to add a new download site, and enter "Maven" in the "Name" field, and "" in the "Location" field. You may install any of the optional components that you think you need, but for this tutorial we only select a few basic components as shown on the following screenshot:

From here follow the Eclipse dialog instructions to finish the installation.

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