This sections explains where all the relevant jar files are located. It also lists Cayenne dependencies.

Cayenne Runtime Framework

The following runtime jars are included in Cayenne distribution "lib" directory:

  • cayenne-server-x.x.jar - contains full Cayenne runtime WITHOUT dependencies. Most applications will use only this file.
  • cayenne-client-x.x.jar - a subset of cayenne-server.jar trimmed for use on the client in an ROP application.
  • cayenne-tools-x.x.jar - Ant tasks
  • cayenne-modeler-x.x.jar - CayenneModeler runtime library. Most applications won't ever use it. It is only needed for the local JNDI hack.

When using cayenne-server-x.x.jar you'll need a few third party jars (all included in "lib/third-party" directory of the distribution):

ROP client dependencies are explained here.

Optional Runtime Dependencies

One or more of the following libraries may be needed depending on how you use Cayenne: