Deprecation Warning
cdeploy is deprecated in 3.0 and will be removed in subsequent releases

cdeploy is an Ant task that configures Cayenne connection information in existing jar files that contain Cayenne project information. It is useful for the automation of deployment of Cayenne-based frameworks in different environments.


Attribute Description Required
src Source jar file that contains Cayenne project files among other things. Yes
dest Destination jar file that should be generated as a result of this task execution. If omitted, src is used. No
altProjectFile An alternative location of cayenne.xml file. User can specify an arbitrary file. This file will be used as the main project file, replacing any existing cayenne.xml in the source jar. This gives the users an ultimate flexibility in configuring deployment libraries. For instance this feature can be used to deploy standalone DataMaps. No

Nested Elements:


One or more nested "node" elements specify connection information for the named nodes. All nested nodes must exist in the project, or otherwise they will be ignored.
Nested node Parameters:

Attribute Description Required
name DataNode name Yes
domain Parent DataDomain of this node. If omitted, project must have only a single domain (very common case). No
adapter DataNode adapter. No
dataSource DataSource name to use for this node. No
driverFile File that contains driver information. No

"dataSource" and "driverFile" are mutually exclusive, but none of them are required.


Here is an example of using cdeploy to regenerate a jar file called "business.jar" with connection info located in "alt.driver.xml":

<cdeploy src="business.jar">
    <node name="main-node" driverFile="alt.driver.xml"/>

An example of using cdeploy to redeploy a 3rd party library that contains DataMaps, but may not contain cayenne.xml:

<cdeploy src="business.jar" altProjectFile="my-cayenne.xml"/>