Package org.apache.cayenne.wocompat

Contains classes that interface Cayenne with Apple's WebObjects.


Interface Summary
PlistDataStructureFactory An interface that defines a factory for custom deserializing a property list.

Class Summary
EODbAttribute EOModel-friendly DbAttribute subclass.
EOModelHelper Helper class used by EOModelProcessor.
EOModelProcessor Class for converting stored Apple EOModel mapping files to Cayenne DataMaps.
EOObjAttribute An ObjAttribute extension that accomodates EOModel attributes.
EOObjEntity An extension of ObjEntity used to accomodate extra EOModel entity properties.
EOQuery A descriptor of SelectQuery loaded from EOModel.
EOSQLQuery A descriptor of SQLTemplate loaded from EOModel.
PropertyListSerialization A PropertyListSerialization is a utility class that reads and stores files in NeXT/Apple property list format.

Package org.apache.cayenne.wocompat Description

Contains classes that interface Cayenne with Apple's WebObjects. This includes utility classes to read and write property list files, read EOModels, etc.

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