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Packages that use EOObjEntity
org.apache.cayenne.wocompat Contains classes that interface Cayenne with Apple's WebObjects

Uses of EOObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat that return EOObjEntity
protected  EOObjEntity EOModelProcessor.makeEntity(EOModelHelper helper, String name, boolean generateClientClass)
          Creates and returns a new ObjEntity linked to a corresponding DbEntity.

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat with parameters of type EOObjEntity
protected  void EOModelProcessor.makeAttributes(EOModelHelper helper, EOObjEntity objEntity)
          Create ObjAttributes of the specified entity, as well as DbAttributes of the corresponding DbEntity.
protected  Query EOModelProcessor.makeQuery(EOModelHelper helper, EOObjEntity entity, String queryName)
          Creates a Cayenne query out of EOFetchSpecification data.

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