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Packages that use ResourceLocator
org.apache.cayenne.conf Contains classes dealing with Cayenne configuration files. Contains O/R mapping classes that store relational database metadata information and map it to Java classes. 
org.apache.cayenne.util General utility classes. 

Uses of ResourceLocator in org.apache.cayenne.conf

Fields in org.apache.cayenne.conf declared as ResourceLocator
protected  ResourceLocator DefaultConfiguration.locator

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.conf that return ResourceLocator
protected static ResourceLocator ServletUtil.createLocator(javax.servlet.ServletContext context)
          A helper method to create default ResourceLocator.
protected  ResourceLocator Configuration.getResourceLocator()
          Deprecated. since 3.0 use/override Configuration.getResourceFinder().
protected  ResourceLocator DefaultConfiguration.getResourceLocator()
          Deprecated. since 3.0 as super is deprecated.

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.conf with parameters of type ResourceLocator
protected  void DefaultConfiguration.setResourceLocator(ResourceLocator locator)
          Sets the specified ResourceLocator.

Constructors in org.apache.cayenne.conf with parameters of type ResourceLocator
DefaultConfiguration(String domainConfigurationName, ResourceLocator locator)
          Creates DefaultConfiguration with specified cayenne project file name and ResourceLocator.

Uses of ResourceLocator in

Methods in that return ResourceLocator
protected  ResourceLocator MapLoader.configLocator()
          Deprecated. since 3.0 use MapLoader.createResourceFinder().

Uses of ResourceLocator in org.apache.cayenne.util

Subclasses of ResourceLocator in org.apache.cayenne.util
 class WebApplicationResourceLocator
          A ResourceLocator that can find resources relative to web application context.

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