Package org.apache.cayenne.reflect

Interface Summary
Accessor An accessor of a property value.
ArcProperty A Property that represents an "arc" connecting source node to the target node in the graph.
AttributeProperty Represents a simple object property.
ClassDescriptor A runtime descriptor of an persistent class.
ClassDescriptorFactory A factory of ClassDescriptor instances.
Property Defines bean property API used by Cayenne to access object data, do faulting and graph maintenance tasks.
PropertyVisitor A visitor for various types of properties in a ClassDescriptor.
ToManyMapProperty A property representing a map of objects keyed by one of the object properties.
ToManyProperty A property representing a collection of objects.
ToOneProperty An ArcProperty that points to a single graph node.

Class Summary
BaseArcProperty A base implementation of the ArcProperty.
BaseProperty An abstract property descriptor that delegates property access to an Accessor.
BaseToManyProperty A generic superclass of CollectionProperty implementations.
BaseToOneProperty A convenience base superclass for ToOneProperty implementors.
BeanAccessor A property accessor that uses set/get methods following JavaBean naming conventions.
ClassDescriptorMap An object that holds class descriptors for mapped entities, compiling new descriptors on demand using an internal chain of descriptor factories.
EmbeddedFieldAccessor An accessor for fields storing embedded objects.
FieldAccessor A PropertyAccessor that performs direct Field access.
FieldEmbeddableDescriptor A default POJO embeddable descriptor.
IdMapKeyAccessor A stateless read-only accessor of the map key value that is based on the Persistent object id.
IndexedListProperty Deprecated. since 3.0 (no substitute exists in Cayenne)
LazyClassDescriptorDecorator A ClassDescriptor wrapper that compiles decorated descriptor lazily on first access.
LifecycleCallbackRegistry A registry of lifecycle callbacks for all callback event types.
ListProperty Deprecated. since 3.0 replaced by non-public classes.
PersistentDescriptor A default ClassDescriptor implementation for persistent objects.
PersistentDescriptorFactory A convenience superclass for ClassDescriptorFactory implementors.
PropertyAccessor A utility accessor class that wraps a simple property.
PropertyUtils Utility methods to quickly access object properties.
SimpleAttributeProperty A descriptor of an "attribute" persistent property.

Exception Summary
PropertyException An unchecked exception thrown on errors during property access, either within a Accessor or a Property.
UnresolvablePathException A runtime exception thrown when PropertyUtils.getProperty() finds that there is a null value in middle of the resolved path.

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