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Methods in org.apache.cayenne.reflect that throw PropertyException
 void ToManyProperty.addTarget(Object source, Object target, boolean setReverse)
protected  Accessor PersistentDescriptorFactory.createAccessor(PersistentDescriptor descriptor, String propertyName, Class<?> propertyType)
          Creates an accessor for the property.
protected abstract  ValueHolder BaseToManyProperty.createCollectionValueHolder(Object object)
          Creates a Collection for an object.
protected  ValueHolder IndexedListProperty.createCollectionValueHolder(Object object)
          Deprecated. Creates a List indexed on a specified property.
protected  ValueHolder ListProperty.createCollectionValueHolder(Object object)
          Deprecated. Creates a List for an object.
protected  ValueHolder BaseToManyProperty.ensureCollectionValueHolderSet(Object object)
          Checks that an object's List field described by this property is set, injecting a List if needed.
 Object ToManyMapProperty.getMapKey(Object target)
          Extracts the map key of the target object.
 Object Accessor.getValue(Object object)
          Returns a property value of an object without disturbing the object fault status.
 Object BeanAccessor.getValue(Object object)
 Object EmbeddedFieldAccessor.getValue(Object object)
 Object FieldAccessor.getValue(Object object)
 Object IdMapKeyAccessor.getValue(Object object)
 Object PropertyAccessor.getValue(Object object)
 void BaseProperty.injectValueHolder(Object object)
          Does nothing.
 void BaseToManyProperty.injectValueHolder(Object object)
          Injects a List in the object if it hasn't been done yet.
 void Property.injectValueHolder(Object object)
          If a property is implemented as a ValueHolder, this operation would create an unfaulted value holder and inject it into the object, if an object doesn't have it set yet.
 void ClassDescriptor.injectValueHolders(Object object)
          Prepares object properties for access.
 void LazyClassDescriptorDecorator.injectValueHolders(Object object)
 void PersistentDescriptor.injectValueHolders(Object object)
          Invokes 'prepareForAccess' of a super descriptor and then invokes 'prepareForAccess' of each declared property.
 Object BaseProperty.readProperty(Object object)
 Object BaseToManyProperty.readProperty(Object object)
 Object Property.readProperty(Object object)
          Returns a property value, inflating unresolved object if need.
 Object SimpleAttributeProperty.readProperty(Object object)
 Object BaseProperty.readPropertyDirectly(Object object)
 Object Property.readPropertyDirectly(Object object)
          Returns a property value of an object without disturbing the object fault status.
 void ToManyProperty.removeTarget(Object source, Object target, boolean setReverse)
protected  void SimpleAttributeProperty.resolveFault(Object object)
 void Accessor.setValue(Object object, Object newValue)
          Sets a property value of an object without disturbing the object fault status.
 void BeanAccessor.setValue(Object object, Object newValue)
 void EmbeddedFieldAccessor.setValue(Object object, Object newValue)
 void FieldAccessor.setValue(Object object, Object newValue)
 void IdMapKeyAccessor.setValue(Object object, Object newValue)
 void PropertyAccessor.setValue(Object object, Object newValue)
 void ClassDescriptor.shallowMerge(Object from, Object to)
          Merges object properties from one object to another, avoiding traversal of the ArcProperties.
 void LazyClassDescriptorDecorator.shallowMerge(Object from, Object to)
 void PersistentDescriptor.shallowMerge(Object from, Object to)
          Copies object properties from one object to another.
 void BaseProperty.writeProperty(Object object, Object oldValue, Object newValue)
 void Property.writeProperty(Object object, Object oldValue, Object newValue)
          Sets a property value, inflating unresolved object if need.
 void SimpleAttributeProperty.writeProperty(Object object, Object oldValue, Object newValue)
 void BaseProperty.writePropertyDirectly(Object object, Object oldValue, Object newValue)
 void BaseToManyProperty.writePropertyDirectly(Object object, Object oldValue, Object newValue)
          Wraps list in a value holder that performs lazy faulting.
 void Property.writePropertyDirectly(Object object, Object oldValue, Object newValue)
          Sets a property value of an object without disturbing the object fault status.

Uses of PropertyException in org.apache.cayenne.reflect.generic

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.reflect.generic that throw PropertyException
protected  Accessor DataObjectDescriptorFactory.createAccessor(PersistentDescriptor descriptor, String propertyName, Class propertyType)

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